"Marinavillage" for Village People

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Marina Forum PPE

Marina Forum SCMG - Cooperative Marina Gestion

with Meeting Minutes, Newsletters of the committee and the homeowner bulletin board

Weather forecast for Switzerland: https://www.rts.ch/meteo/

Opening hours of the turning bridge



Goal of our Marina website

Our marinavillage website aims at

  • informing you about activities and events in Bouveret (button "Activities")
  • providing you with useful addresses and important opening times (button "Adresses")
  • publishing pictures on our photo page, so that you can show your friends on-line the beautiful area at the Valais border of Lake Geneva (button "Photos")
  • giving you the possibility to place ads which could be interesting for people who live outside the Marina (button "Ads")

In addition (access only with your password),

  • you can place your offers/queries on the "bulletin board page" at the Marina Forum to which only Marina residents have access
  • we provide important information and news regarding the Marina
  • we give you easy online access to the newsletters of the committee and the minutes of our homeowner meetings


Marina PPE Delegates - Land
Laurence Taillandier, Roberto Pagano
Olivier Frison, Pierre-Alain Métraux, Claude Poët

Marina SCMG Administration (Société Coopérative Marina Gestion) - Water
Roger Hartmann (President), Raphaël Délétroz, Frank Diem,
Ueli Leuenberger, Claude Oehrli, Xavier Saulnier

Gisela and Christian Dirac

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